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Big Walk
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Enjoy the big walk adventure in Madeira Island in different levels

We have set up The Big Walk to make it as beautiful, adventurous and authentic as possible but it is not meant to be “easy”.

You will not complete the journey without good preparation.

Expect to wake up early every day for the amazing sunrises, to get a little wet and to be a little tired. It´s all worth it though!

The camping part of the tour is meant to be an experience in itself. It is also a reward for a “hard days work”

Our campsites are well prepared, filled with great food, refreshments and shelter. We want people who perhaps never camped before to learn to love the experience.

When we are not camping, we stay in quality hotels, not “cheap” rooms. We will have access to Jacuzzis, Spa, Sauna, Restaurants, Indoor swimming Pools and more.

Big Walk – Level 1

An all-inclusive, 4 day hiking adventure along the eastern side of Madeira towards the highest peak at sunrise. There is one night of camping, moderate walks everyday, sunrises, sunsets, great food and great company!

Big Walk – Level 2

An all-inclusive, 4 day hiking adventure across the central and western side of Madeira. Level 2 is more challenging and has 2 nights of camping.

Big Walk – Level 3

The Big Walk´s main event, level 3, is what gave birth to this adventure concept. 6 days crossing the island from East to West covering the most beautiful paths and scenarios in Madeira.

Starting at the peninsular of Ponta de Sao Lourenço, all the way to the rock pools of Porto Moniz. This is a real adventure, for those looking for something way “out of the box” and truly a once in a lifetime experience.

We offer special prices for 2 guests. Check the table below:


Level Number of people Price
1 1 guest €599
2 guests €899 (€449,50 per person)
2 1 guest €499
2 guests €799 (€399,50 per person)
3 1 guest €899
2 guests €1,499 (€749,50 per person)