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The Photo of the month!

Alright so I havnt been posting anything in the blog I know… It has been a crazy Summer so far,

Thankfully the jeep has been full on many occasions and everybody’s had a lot of fun, we have had some memorable experiences so I want to comment on just one or two….

About a month back, during a cloudy west tour, we were climbing up a mountain road through the forrest hoping to get above the clouds, the amazing valley and mountain views I was used to seeing every trip were not around that day, however, we were in for a special treat!

A Madeira Buzzard (our largest land Bird) was pearching himself on a rock about 8 meters in front of us, as it was cloudy I believe he didnt see us coming, It was the closest I have ever been to a Buzzard and one of the client’s in the Jeep managed to get this great shot of the bird!

We’re now also online on Instagram as of about 2 weeks ago and we have climbed 2 spaces on TripAdvisor!

More on all of that on the next blog… cheerio!

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