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The Big Walk

Madeia´s Finest Multi-Day All Inclusive Hiking Adventure

Throughout this multi-day hiking expedition we’ll be passing through the most beautiful ridge paths, levada walks, forests, mountains, and the most stunning coastal scenery in Madeira.

We´ll be seeing sunsets, sunrises, moonrises and stargazing throughout the trip.

We´ll be seeing waterfalls, tunnels, rock pools, we´ll be camping, having campsite breakfasts and also be fine dining in local restaurants to try real, fresh, local food.

We’ll be staying in the best hotels in the countryside and will be trekking from spot to spot with the help of our back up vehicle, our Land Rover, so you don’t have to worry about carrying all your stuff!

There’s also loads of little extra surprises!

There’s surfing, scuba diving (with sharks) there are spas in the hotels and even indoor, heated swimming pools!

The Big Walk is an authentic, fully loaded, once in a lifetime, Hit The Road style adventure which you will never forget!

Packages start at 449€ per person or 749€ per couple (starting from level 1 package).


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Level 1

a person standing in front of a mountain

4 day hiking adventure along the eastern side of Madeira.

There is one night of camping, moderate walks everyday, sunrises, sunsets, great food and great company!

Level 2

a tree with a mountain in the background

4 day hiking adventure across the central and western side of Madeira.

Level 2 is more challenging and has 2 nights of camping.

Over 4 days we explore the plateau on the western side of the island, Paul da Serra, through some of the tougher and lesser-explored trails on the island.

Level 3

a person walking down a dirt road

6 days crossing the island from east to west covering the most beautiful paths and scenarios in Madeira.

Starting at the peninsular of Ponta de Sao Lourenço, all the way to the rock pools of Porto Moniz.