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The Big Walk

Quick Details

The Big Walk

Madeira´s Finest Multi-Day Hiking Adventure

Throughout this multi-day hiking expedition we’ll be passing through the most beautiful ridge paths, levada walks, forests, mountains, and the most stunning coastal scenery in Madeira.

We´ll be seeing sunsets, sunrises, moonrises and stargazing throughout the trip.

We´ll be seeing waterfalls, tunnels, rock pools, we´ll be camping, having campsite dinners and breakfasts and also be fine dining in local restaurants to try real, fresh, local food.

We’ll be trekking from spot to spot with the help of our back up vehicle, our Land Rover, so you don’t have to worry about carrying all your stuff!

There’s also loads of little extra surprises!

There’s surfing, scuba diving (with sharks) there are spas in the hotels and even indoor, heated swimming pools!

The Big Walk is an authentic, fully loaded, once in a lifetime, Hit The Road style adventure which you will never forget!

 1275€ per person or 1795€ per couple

(price includes transport, accommodation, breakfasts, 2 dinners and guide)


21 – 28 August 2021
21 – 28 September 2021
19 – 26 October 2021
16  – 23 November 2021
15 – 22 March 2022
12 – 19 April 2022
17 – 24 May 2022
14 – 21 June 2022
12 – 19 July 2022
9 – 16 August 2022
6 – 13 September 2022
4 – 11 October 2022


The Itinerary

Day 1 Ponta de São Lourenço to Porto Da Cruz

The first day starts with a sunrise above Ponta de São Lourenço followed by a moderate hike to Porto Da Cruz. The hike is about 15 km and is best described as a ridge walk with beautiful views of the northeast coastline of Madeira. A good challenge to get the legs working on day 1!

DAY 2 Portela to Ribeiro Frio

After enjoying the morning off at Porto Da Cruz, we head up to Portela and set off on a nice, easy hike towards Ribeiro Frio whilst getting deeper into the Laurissilva forest.

Day 3 The Caldeirão Verde Waterfall.

Getting deeper into the forest, on day 3 we head out towards one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Madeira. A good day of hiking, more or less 15 kilometres of beautiful natural scenery, tunnels and waterfalls!

Day 4 Off

Day 4 is all about rest. It’s time to take off the hiking boots, lay by the pool and recover.

Day 5 Santana to Pico Ruivo to Encumeada

The main event. It’s time to get up real early and head off to Pico Ruivo, Madeira’s highest peak, to see the sunrise above the clouds! After that a challenging but beautiful hike to Encumeada, the centre of Madeira. The toughest but certainly most beautiful section of The Big Walk.

Day 6 Sao Vicente to Bica Da Cana

Recovering from the previous day’s challenging hike, we sleep in and after lunch set off by Land Rover up to Bica da Cana on a 4×4 expedition! It’s another “active rest” day, with little hiking but lots of adventure. It’s also our camping night and we celebrate with a typical barbecue under the stars of Paul da Serra.

Day 7 Fanal to Ribeira da Janela

After enjoying a magical sunrise and a delicious campsite breakfast, we start hiking towards Ribeira da Janela via Levada dos Cedros, a beautiful easy walk within the forest. It’s time to casually reach our final destination and enjoy the feeling of achievement after completing The Big Walk!

Day 8 Rest and Relaxation at Porto Moniz

It’s time to relax, have a swim, eat some limpets and enjoy the sun at Madeira’s famous volcanic rock pools! You’ve earned it!


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