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Gift Card

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Ever wanted to get to know Madeira like a local? Buy your gift card for a half day tour (redeemable in the future), and get a 1 hour private call with Jeff, who will help you plan your trip and make sure it’ll be the best it can be! We’re talking about the hidden gems of Madeira, best restaurants, local hotspots and much more – all tailored your needs!

Frequently asked questions:

  • Can I personalize the amount of the gift card?
    The minimum price is 35€, but you are free to contribute more if you’d like to!
  • What’s the expiry date of the gift card?
    There’s no expiry date! Use it whenever you want to.
  • In which tours can I use it?
    You can use this gift card for 4×4 Half Day tours!
  • What is the next step after purchasing my gift card?
    After purchasing your gift cards, you will receive your corresponding codes on the email provided during the booking process. You’ll then be able to book a 4×4 Half Day Tour with your codes on our website whenever you want! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!

Why is this important to us?

Hit the Road Madeira is a small company with big dreams and big hearts. I, Jeff, started Hit the Road Tours in August of 2012 with my Land Rover, by myself. After 2 years and many tours, we were listed as the 2nd best tour company in Madeira according to TripAdvisor. My clients were all looking for genuine experiences and to get away from the beaten path. Now, we need your support during these difficult times and, in exchange, we promise you an unforgettable experience when you do get to travel to madeira!

Disclaimer: This gift voucher has no time limit and it’s valid for our 4×4 Half Day Tours.