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Bad Weather? No Problem!

Ok so the rainy season has arrived…. From now until next May, Madeira will have a warm subtropical climate, however, in the mountains it’s another story…

So this is the time when I can be grateful for having a closed top 4×4 😀

Once we reach heights of 1500m to 1800m above sea level, it can get cold, 0 degrees celcius is not a surprise to us, it’s not pleasant, especially when you’re on holiday, but I got you covered, plus we have umbrellas 😀 for clients!! hehehe….

moral of the story is this…. don’t worry be happy we not gonna stick you in the rain and tell you “you got 30 minutes to look around”.

We will however take you to a bar for some “lessons in local culture” and thereafter we will try and navigate the micro climates of Madeira and find sunshine, we always have a plan C!

I’m not trying to put you off, just want you to be prepared, bring a jacket, long pants, closed shoes and a big smile, and let’s Hit the Road!! Yeeeehaaaaa

a woman smile

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