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Dinner at Zarco’s Restaurant in Funchal – Madeira Local Bus Adventures

funchal sunset

If you’re looking for a sunset mission by local bus in Funchal, look no further.

Zarco’s restaurant has an epic view, some great local food and only takes about 20 minutes by local bus to get there (or 10 by car)

You can take the 37 or 38 Bus. These are the yellow buses of course. The bus stop is “behind” the Casa da Luz, you’ll have to ask a local which one it is exactly. I recommend you take it at least an hour before sunset (you’ll have to google the sunset time for Funchal on that day)

This is the bus timetable link. You want the time from the CENTRO category.

In case you’re driving there, here is the GOOGLE MAP link;

So who was Joao Goncalves Zarco?

here’s some links for you guys 😉

Joao Goncalves Zarco Facts and Accomplishments

And that’s it for today boys and girls, hope you found this article helpful and hope to see you in one of our epic Land Rover Tours 😉


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