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Our Thoughts On The New Visit Madeira Brand

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Madeira has a new brand, it’s modern, forward thinking, colourful and well thought out. The only thing is, the majority of the locals and even tourists, don’t like it. The first time I saw it, I must admit, I was a bit confused. I had to take a second or two to think about it as well as a second go at reading it but, just as I thought I wasn’t impressed, I saw it on instagram, in small writing with a white background and I was sold, I loved it.

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Technically, all the folclore colours are there, including the white stripe if you look closely between the R. The 11 colours represent each of the 11 municipalities of Madeira, including Porto Santo. The letters are made of circles or semicircles which represent a sort of inclusion of all, best represented as Belonging, hence the new slogan, Madeira Belongs to All.


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The Portuguese version, Tão Tua, is an absolute gem. It’s all about diversity and this is an idea that resonates with me 100 percent, Madeira is each and every day more diverse than the last and I most agree that this is definitely a trend that is here to stay.

If you’re interested in reading more into the design process and getting deeper into the meaning of the new brand, check out the official site created purely for this purpose;

And of course if you’re looking for some entertainment, check out our latest YouTube vlog where we release our version of the Visit Madeira logo, if we we’re the ones responsible for designing it 😉



And that’s it for this week! Will the new Visit Madeira logo survive the criticism? Will the locals warm up to a new brand?

I think so!

Hope you guys have a fantastic week, it’s a big one for us, little bit of work and lots to prepare for, great things coming!!

I hope to see you all in Madeira soon, let’s Hit The Road!

– Jeff


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