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This one´s for the Rum Lovers

The smallest rum distillery in Madeira

Last week we had the opportunity to visit this very unique and very interesting rum distillery on the south east coast of Madeira, during one of our Private 4×4 tours of the island.

I had heard of Pedro and his family run distillery after visiting the Madeira Rum House in the old town and experiencing one of their “rum tastings” which included one of these fantastic Reizinho rums. If you´re a rum fan, make sure you check out the Madeira Rum House in the old town. They have a fantastic array of rums from all over Madeira (there´s actually quite a few) and they make a mean poncha!

So Pedro invited us in to his fantastic little distillery and showed us around, explained the process, gave our visitors some to try and even gave us some snacks 🙂

I have been looking for a new rum distillery for our tours now for a while. The one we “usually go to”, not mentioning any names, has become a little bit too “touristy” for us and unfortunately lost a little bit of it´s charm. It´s a little too spick and span for my liking and usually quite busy with groups of “regular tourists” which is everything we get paid to avoid here at Hit The Road…

So for the next 3 months or so we´ll be visiting these guys, very informally and we´ll be getting the place to ourselves as they press this years sugar can production!

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and I´ll see you next week 😉



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