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10 Valentine’s day ideas in Madeira

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Are you a hopeless romantic looking for something for your better half but have absolutely no idea where to start? Fear no more, we got you covered! Here are our 10 best ideas for Valentine’s day in Madeira, in no particular order….

1) Quinta da Moscadinha 

This beautiful little gem of a boutique hotel is situated in Camacha, about 15 minutes drive away from Funchal. With only 11 rooms, the feel is very homely and even the staff take the time to learn your names. It certainly feels like you’re staying at a friend’s “farmhouse”. Stay the weekend or stay the night, there’s a package for you and you’ll love the rustic, comfort food! Packages start at 180 euros per couple.

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+351 965 734 265

2) Rota dos Cetaceos 

Undoubtedly the best way to observe whales and dolphins is with these guys. They also do swimming with dolphins and luxury charters. I believe their Valentine’s special for this year is buy one, get one free on a whale and dolphin watching boat tour. It’s about 2 hours and loads of fun on a small rib boat, a real adventure! Prices start at 49 euros.

a group of people riding on the back of a boat in the water

+351 918 828 242 / +351 291 280 600

3) Il Vivaldi

An ultra modern, Mediterranean restaurant and Terrace bar, Il Vivaldi is a true gastronomical experience. If it’s a fancy dinner you’re looking for, this is the one for you, 3 course meal with drinks included, a steal at 25 euros each!

a room filled with furniture and a fire place and a dining table

351 291 145 554

4) Quinta do Furao 

Not much more to say about Quinta do Furao than we’ve already said before, undoubtably one of the best hotels in Madeira and an absolute pleasure to stay at. They’re doing 1 and 2 night stays with dinner, brunch, breakfast, live music and all sorts of romantic surprises. Well worth a look, prices start at 146 euros per couple for one night, 277 euros for 2 nights.

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351 291 570 100

5) Adventure Trike Tours

Our good friend, Jorge, has just launched his new trike business and we’re all quite excited to see what he comes up with. Luckily for all of us, he’s already being quite creative and has launched this very unique package tour. One hell of an adventure, probably will sell out fast!

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351 967 472 667

6) Loja de Chá Madeira/Tea House Madeira

If you’re looking for something inexpensive, this is an absolute winner! 20 euros for 2, brunch! This tea house is in the centre of Funchal overlooking the “yellow square”. A cheeky little gift during these tough times 😉

+351 291221309

+351 966871842

7) Aqua Natura Hotel

Our favourite “blue hotel”! Aqua natura is situated just above the volcanic pools of Porto Moniz and if you’re looking for a modern, quiet, sea view hotel, this is it! They’re offering a fantastic all-round package with romantic dinner at their restaurant, massage and even a scuba session amongst other surprises! Prices starting at 179 euros per couple.

a train cake sitting on top of a rock

351 291 640 100

8) Restaurante do Forte

If you’re looking for a classic, up market lunch, this is your number one! Situated in one of Funchal oldest forts, this restaurant also known as “the yellow fort” is an absolute gastronomical delight! All packages offer pick up services in classic cars and the “golden package” includes a pick up in a classic Rolls-Royce!

a dining room table

+351 291 215 580    +351 919 581 326

9) Quinta da Saraiva 

One of Madeira’s brand new hidden gems. Situated in Camera de Lobos, this “new” quinta has been earning quite a reputation amongst the locals. It’s a family run hotel with roots back to the 18th century. If you’re looking for a stay with a story, this could your number one pick at an affordable 70 euros per room starting.

a house with a pool in front of a building

351 291 146 660

10) 1905 Zino’s Palace

Probably the most intriguing boutique hotel in Madeira, at least from our point of view, the 1905 Zino’s Palace has just recently been renovated and opened to the public as a small boutique hotel. Not a “generic” experience at all and to be honest, we’re quite looking forward to spending some time here ourselves! Prices starting at 168 euros per room with dinner and breakfast included.

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351 291 600 123

And that’s it!

Unfortunately we’re not running any Valentine’s promotions this year because we’ll be celebrating! But, if you’re looking for something romantic from us, check out our Sunrise 4×4 tour! Remember we’re running a big discount all year round, 21 percent off absolutely everything on our website for the entirety for 2021!

see you next week, let’s Hit The Road!


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