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4x4 Sunrise Tour

Ideal for adventurous families, couples and photographers

Quick Details

Ever seen the sunrise above the clouds?

There is a certain feeling about being up before everybody else, experiencing the marvels of nature uninterrupted and in all its glory. Watching the sun rise above the clouds and give life, light and love to everything it touches is one of life’s best rewards. The colours are ever changing, the birds are singing and the air is cool. Every day I start watching the sunrise is a great day!

Our number one sunrise spot is Pico do Areiro, the third-highest peak on the island. Very often, we are above the clouds, and the colors are absolutely extraordinary. It’s truly a once-in-a-lifetime moment!

Of course, we cannot always guarantee the perfect weather conditions for the perfect sunrise, so we have back-up spots, such as Pico do Facho, Ponta Sao Lourenço, Guindaste Viewpoint and one or two secret spots, each with their own unique characteristics.

After sunrise we still do a little bit of adventuring, some hiking, coffee and some touring. Usually we’re on our own as most tourists are still waking up or having breakfast 😉

Expect to be back just before the breakfast shift ends or if you’re staying in an “airbnb” we’ll drop you off at our favourite brunch spot in Funchal 😉

Bring warm clothes, it can be quite cold up there especially if it’s windy.

This is a real adventure!


  • Guided tour in a Land Rover Discovery 4×4
  • Hotel pick up (accommodation outside of Funchal could be subject to a pick up fee)
  • Insurance according to Portuguese Law