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How to make Poncha.

How to make poncha

Hey guys and girls!

So we’ve been inside for over a month now, with no access to our wonderful poncha bars or our jobs, of which the latter is obviously more important! That being said, I decided to make some poncha, live on facebook and instagram for all of those who miss our favourite drink in Madeira, poncha!!

In case you haven’t been following, since we’ve been on lockdown, we’ve started a new series on Youtube called “The Social Distancing Vlog” where we look back at old videos of the great experiences we’ve had over the years and reflect. It’s also our way of keeping up to date with what’s happening here in Madeira, in our business and in our industry and sharing it with you guys.

I really had fun filming this but I did realise that I didn’t actually leave a recipe…. so here we go!

First, you’ll need the following:


Rum. Preferably sugar cane agricultural rum Madeira or otherwise any other kind of white rum substitute.

Oranges and Lemons. Usually lemons are smaller than oranges so a couple more lemons than oranges.

Honey. Any kind of bee honey will do, usually I go for the cheapest kind.

Poncha Stick, to whisk the honey and the juice.

A Jar, to mix everything in.


Squeeze one measure of juice into the jar, a measure depending of course on how many ponchas you want to make. If you’re making 2 ponchas, add 1 glass (one measure) of juice, if you’re making 4 ponchas, 2 measures (2 glasses) Usually we add just a little bit more lemon than orange but that varies according to taste.

Next, Add one measure of rum. So that’s one measure of juice and one of rum to make 2 measures of poncha, yes?

Now it’s time to add the honey, this is to taste but to give you an idea, you want somewhere around 2 tablespoons of honey for each cup of juice.

Next you need to whisk the honey and the juice in the jar, with the poncha stick. That of course is an art and quite difficult to describe here so now you’ll have to see the video!


And thats it! Fresh poncha you can impress your friends with!

Go ahead and watch the video and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel. We’re planting a tree this year for every new subscriber we get in 2020! Also we’ll have loads of new content coming out about our favourite island !

Stay safe and much love from Madeira!


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