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The Social Distancing VLOG – Porto Santo

a man standing on a rocky beach

Hey Guys!

We’re all in lockdown and can’t wait to get outside but until then, all we can do is dream a little.

So we started a new YouTube series called The Social Distancing VLOG, where I go through old footage we have of our epic adventures in Madeira and the latest episode was all about Porto Santo.

We don’t operate in Porto Santo currently but we had this idea, like many ideas we have, which unfortunately didn’t make it to our website. We were planning an all inclusive 1 week adventure in Porto Santo with us, the Hit The Road team, with all sorts of fun activities included.

So we went down there and explored a little, filmed a little, took loads of photos and we’re now releasing it all for your entertainment!

We stayed at our favourite hotel in Porto Santo called Vila Baleira, rented a quad bike, explored the beaches, food and one of the best hidden viewpoints I’ve ever seen.

Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel, this year we’re planting a tree for every new subscriber we get.

Stay safe and enjoy!

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