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Lisa´s Free City Tours in Funchal

People enjoy a tour

Hey guys!

So I’m getting back into the blog, once again, and wanted to share about a little project of Lisa´s which is quickly becoming quite a big deal!

For those of you who are new here, Lisa is our mountain guide at Hit the Road Madeira and about a year ago she started this project called Walking Tours Funchal, otherwise known as WTF.

I’ve been hanging around and helping wherever I can and have witnessed a little bit of the growth of this project and I must admit, Lisa is smashing it!

Check out the Podcast we filmed at our favourite coffee shop, Legs Eleven, September 2018.

So since then Lisa´s really perfected her route and her tour of Funchal to include some of the best historical sites, places to revisit, places to eat and drink, some viewpoints, one or two hidden gems and of course a visit to Funchal´s oldest cookie factory!!

I recommend this trip to anybody looking for things to do in Funchal, you won’t be disappointed!

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The East 4×4 tour has a bit of everything and is suitable for everyone. It’s a great “first tour” for anyone who isn’t sure where to start! See beautiful landscapes, culture, local food and drinks and much more. The perfect first tour!