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The best island in the world!

Vote for Madeira folder


I very often hear locals bragging about how “There´s no place like our Madeira” and “our little piece of paradise” and how right they are!

So I’ve just put in my vote for Madeira at the World Travel Awards website as “Europe’s leading island destination” and I’m going to encourage you to do the same, let me explain why.

For the very first time, this year in June, Madeira will be hosting the awards ceremony for the World Travel Awards, that’s right, HOSTING!

This of course makes us all very happy and I’m going to now ask you, our faithful Hit the roaders, to help us secure one more victory and make Madeira “Europe’s Leading Island Destination” for the 5 consecutive year!

Not only have we won this award already 4 times in a row but also;

“World´s Leading Island Destination” 3 times, consecutively!

And finally, another award not to be left out and definitely something to be very proud of;

“World´s Leading Design Hotel” going to the The Vine Hotel in Funchal.

So go ahead and help us secure the victory clicking on the image below!!


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