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Ravi´s Wedding Proposal

Ravi got hold of me regarding his idea of a sunrise wedding proposal up in the mountains of Madeira.

We plotted times, signals and much more via WhatsApp mostly.

On the day I was filming everything for a new “sunrise commercial”. This was for our youtube channel and they had no choice but to be in it and even take some “director’s” orders on where they should be standing for the camera.

So the day was perfect, there were some nerves and some emotions, mostly from me I think but probably from Ravi as well. 😉

Ray was looking beautiful and together they were both shining and Madeira was shining with them!

Ray and Ravi, Ravi and Ray, congratulations on scoring 6 stars on your dream wedding proposal!

I wish you many many years of beautiful sunrises together and of course hopefully again in Madeira soon!!


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