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The do’s and don’ts of Hiking in Madeira : 31 Priceless TIPS

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If you’re coming to Madeira, you’ll most probably want to get outside and explore the wonderful nature we’re so lucky to have on this beautiful island. Every year we host thousands of hikers eager to explore the mountains and forests of Madeira. Of course when it comes to exploring nature, we have to be prepared so as to not get ourselves into trouble. We made a short youtube video explaining some of our tips regarding how to hike in Madeira, ENJOY!


  1. Don;t trust the railings
  2. Don’t panic, watch your step
  3. Be physically prepared
  4. Hire a mountain guide
  5. Bring hiking boots
  6. Don’t forget the hiking socks
  7. Wear the correct clothing
  8. Bring a proper hiking bag
  9. Don’t forget the waterproofs
  10. Don’t forget gloves and beanies
  11. Waterproof your bag with a rain cover
  12. First aid kit
  13. Keep yourself hydrated
  14. Walking sticks
  15. Feed the birds with bird seed only
  16. Thermal wear if you’re going to the mountains in winter
  17. Head lamps for the tunnels
  18. Take your waste with you
  19. Sunscreen
  20. Book a tour with us
  21. Search in reliable sources
  22. Don’t use the “GPS apps”
  23. Check the webcams
  24. Don’t trust the whatsapp groups
  25. Don’t drink the water from the Levada
  26. Only camp with a permit
  27. Double check your itinerary
  28. get a taxi or hire a guide
  29. Don’t hike on your own
  30. Let someone know where you are


Some of the links mentioned in the hiking video;

List of recommended hikes and their status according to the government (IFCN)

Visit Madeira official website;

The Journey Era Blog, great for the more adventurous!

Take a Levada Walk tour with Lido Tours;

If you’re looking for your own transport, use our recommended taxi service, Madeira Taxi Transfers;

Madeira Táxi Transfers… +351913454925

And finally if you’re looking for an absolutely epic, 8 day hiking expedition of Madeira, east to west, check out THE BIG WALK!

Whatever you need, we’re here for you 😉

Let’s Hit The Road !!

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