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Welcome to 2021!!

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Happy New Year!!

I think we’ve never been so glad to hear these words!!

With 2020 happily out of the way, we’ve decided, as usual, to stay optimistic and upbeat about life in Madeira in 2021.

As tough as it was, 2020 wasn’t a complete failure. We managed to keep our business alive thanks to the support of all of our amazing clients and friends and even completed a Big Walk, our flagship multi-day hiking adventure tour from east to west of Madeira. We’ve also had new clients since our reopening in June all the way through to the end of the year. Thank you to all of you for supporting us!

So what’s the plan for 2021?

As you all know, we do consider ourselves an innovative company and we’re already well on the way to providing new and updated ways of adventuring across Madeira in whichever way comfortable to you, our visitors. We also realise that many people, unfortunately, will most probably still choose not to travel this year out of fear and of course those who cannot due to the parallel financial crisis of 2020.

So the first thing we’ve invested in is our new VLOG!

We’ve gone all out and invested in a full-time filmmaker, a young talented professional from Funchal who goes by the name of Andre Moniz Vieira and we’ll be releasing a new video about our beautiful island EVERY MONDAY at 19h Madeira Time on YOUTUBE.

This is our way to keep showing you our beautiful island in a fun, entertaining and educational way via our ever more present digital lives. We’ll be showing you cool places to visit, to stay, where to eat, fun facts and all sorts of interesting Madeira related content.

The first episode comes out today, the 4th of January and it’s our first attempt at inspiring and motivating people to travel to Madeira in 2021!


Finally, for those of you who will be visiting and are planning on treating yourselves with one of our world class tours, we’re offering you a new discount voucher for the entirety of 2021!

Book online direct via our website with the promo code TWENTYONE and you’ll get 21 percent discount off anything and everything tour related in Madeira, including dates for The Big Walk 2022, coming soon. We did sell out The Big Walk for 2021 and we are thinking of opening up a 4th week, probably in August, for those who missed out.

We’re also redesigning our tour offering for 2021 which will be updated real soon so stay tuned!

I hope to see a lot of you here in Madeira in person but in the meantime, you can follow us digitally and we promise to keep you entertained, inspired and motivated not only about Madeira but for life in general!



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