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Hiking in Porto Santo!

a sign on the side of a mountain

Porto Santo for so long has been known as “that little beach island” of which you could explore “in one day”. It’s cristal clear water and golden sand beach was always and will always be it’s number one asset but this year, we’ve seen Porto Santo being explored like never before!

There are 2 official hikes in Porto Santo and I believe another 6 or so unofficial hikes. Now I’m all about a good balance, I don’t want to spend every single day hiking, nor do I want to spend every hour on the beach so for that reason I find that 2 hikes is more than enough to compliment the many other array of activities available in Porto Santo.

I was lucky enough to spend almost 2 weeks in the “ilha dourada” for my mother’s 60th birthday family vacation. Being a special occasion, I wanted the trip to be a memorable one, so we took the easyJet (our orange Land Rover Discovery) and showed the family a great adventure with one hike, 3 sunrises, some horse-riding on the beach, snorkelling, great food and lots and lots of sun and sand!



I was lucky enough to meet up with a very special person during the trip, Jackson Groves. Jackson is a digital entrepreneur who’s been travelling non stop for 5 years now and had been in Madeira the last few months. He’s been working real hard promoting the island and adventuring to the real off the beaten paths. We had been chatting online, exchanging ideas and out of pure coincidence, Jackson was in Porto Santo at the time and we got together and did a great little sunrise hike to Pico do Ana Ferriera.(Thank for the epic photo buddy)


a man walking up a hill


So without me trying to explain what’s the best things to do in Porto Santo and where to hike and so on, Jackson made a fantastic guide of Porto Santo and I highly recommend reading over not only his Porto Santo content but also his work on Madeira as well!


porto santo travel guide-


Lastly, I made a short video about Porto Santo for our Youtube Vlog. I haven’t been too busy with the vlog I must admit but things are looking real good for the future and we have a great video coming out within the next week or so all about our epic 7 day expedition across the island called THE BIG WALK. Enjoy the video and I hope to see you in Madeira soon and don’t for get to SUBSCRIBE to the YouTube channel!!



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