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We’re Officially Open!

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It’s been a long couple of months and how thankful we are that we’re back in the game!

We had a very eventful lockdown staying in touch with our customers with regular emails, our online fan base with weekly youtube videos, instagram, facebook posts, live “food classes” as well as planning our return to the post-coronavirus tour scene in Madeira.

So I’m proud to announce that as of today, Friday 12th June 2020, we are up and running and ready to conduct some of the best tours and hikes in Madeira!

We have introduced 4 new tours into our program which are super adventurous and cater for those who “already know the island quite well”. We are incentivising the locals to try our experiences and these tours are tailored to them but of course will be fantastic for any Madeira lover, especially those who have been to Madeira various times before and “have seen it all”.

In order to deal with the logistical issues and restrictions on the capacities of our vehicles we have decided to focus on a market of which 35% of our sales already resided, the private tours.

Being now exclusively a private tour company, it allows for us to significantly bring down the risk of coming into contact with the virus by sharing the vehicle with people from different sources. We have introduced a “pay per person” pricing model to make it more affordable for couples, families and groups of friends to tour with us and will be running discount specials to offer even more value to our experiences.

Our existing clients who have rescheduled their “old” shared tours will be automatically upgraded to private tours and of course all of those who stuck with us and supported our small business during the lockdown will be compensated with surprises once they’re here in Madeira.

We’re very excited to be back and can’t wait to welcome you personally to our beautiful island!

See you soon!

Jeff, Owner and Guide.


PS : We made a movie about our new tours which is linked below, It’s in Portuguese because we want to attract locals, but I’ve put subtitles for you guys 😉

Enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe!

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