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The Magic of Fanal, Part 1

a sunset over a forest


Hey guys, back on the blog and today I want to share with you a little bit about all the magic we’ve been experiencing in Fanal!

So after coming out of the covid “lockdown”, all of us felt a much needed sense of adventure. I was up for anything, always have been really but now we had an excuse! I had made a new friend while I was looking for other opportunities to make money while tourism was down and he had told me about the Neowise Comet. He showed me a photo from National Geographic, if I remember correctly, with this comet in the sky what looked to be at sunset or sunrise. A couple of days later I saw a similar photo on facebook but this time here in Madeira, at Pico do Areiro to be more specific, obviously by a professional photographer.

So we immediately decided it was time to start making a plan to photograph this comet and the events which followed were nothing short of an epic adventure with nature. We had decided that the west side would be the best place to avoid light pollution and started organising my first ever camping trip in Fanal.

We failed the first 2 times and had to go out a final 3rd time to eventually get our photo and everything is explained in our latest youtube video here:



We got some amazing photos not only of the night sky but also of sunrises, sunsets and just great moments overall. It was a real adventure and was the stepping stone for the next big adventure which would happen only a few weeks later on our flagship tour called The Big Walk of 2020. Stay tuned for the next post, we have some new ideas for Fanal!

Here are some of my favourite photos Ben took during the adventure:


And if you’re looking for a photographer in Madeira to capture those special moments, Ben is your guy!

Check out his website here:

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