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Quinta da Moscadinha – Romantic Getaway

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Veronica and I headed out to Quinta da Moscadinha in our “pimped-out” ride for the weekend to celebrate our 2 year anniversary.

We headed up the old roads of Funchal and made our way to Camacha as if it was the old days, on the old roads, great way to set the mood for a weekend alone at this brand new, cozy, rustic Quinta.

Quinta da Moscadinha is a small countryside boutique hotel of only 11 rooms. It’s owned and run by a well known entrepreneur in Funchal with a history of successful ventures in the hospitality industry and as soon as we arrived we could tell we were going to enjoy the food and drinks during our stay. We arrived a bit early so while we waited for the room, we kicked off our shoes and had a fresh cider by the pool.

Marlene, the super friendly waitress, made a conscious effort to remember our names and was always super attentive of our needs . The room was decorated with hearts, swans and chocolate as well as a complimentary bottle of sparkling wine to celebrate the special occasion. The decoration is gorgeous, loads of warm colours and rustic artefacts and we loved the wicker detail!

Camacha is one of the “long-lost legends” of Madeira, famous for the wicker works and for it’s art and culture but much of that is being lost. The wicker industry is slowly disappearing and I feel like Camacha is losing a little bit of it’s old charm. Quinta da Moscadinha I believe will bring some much needed life to the area and the plans for the future include a rustic restaurant as well as a small cider distillery.

Moscadinha, from what I understand, is an old and nearly forgotten liquor recipe, from the North of the island I believe and is said to be a medicinal drink. I had never tasted it but quite enjoyed having a small serving after dinner. I’m calling it the “Madeiran Jeigermeister”

The food and drinks of course were nothing less than spectacular. Breakfast was an all out feast, the poolside snacks are delicious and all of it was great value for money.

Our stay at Quinta da Moscadinha really felt like we were staying at a friend’s quinta, not a hotel. Don’t we all wish we had a friend with a Quinta? Well I guess now we do!

If you’re looking for something different, even if it’s just for a couple of days, Quinta da Moscadinha is a great bet!


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