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The Sunrise Hike

sunrise in Madeira Island

What’s up guys!

So 2019 is, as usual, a year of new projects and one of these new projects is the brand new Sunrise Hike.

The idea came about after wanting to get ”back in the game” and lead a couple more tours instead of always being in the office handling bookings and what not.

So I came up with this idea of the Sunrise Hike which has now made it possible for us to explore one of Madeira’s most popular attractions in a very unique way and in true Hit The Road style!

Ponta de São Lourenço is the peninsular on the eastern side of Madeira and is well visited for its dramatic volcanic rock formations and stunning views of both the southern and northern coastlines. The Hike is well visited and very, very busy due to it‘s ease of access.

We never used to offer this hike because It goes against all of our company beliefs here at Hit the Road. It’s easily accessible and crowded, nothing we like. So one day I came up with this brilliant idea to make this attraction our own and offer something that resonates with our identity and this is how the Sunrise Hike was born.

So come and join me on my new tour, I’ve made a video to show you a bit of what you can expect 😉

Also, you can check out the hashtag on Instagram and facebook, #madeirasunrisehike for more photos and videos of the hike so far this year.

See you soon!

– Jeff


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