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About Us

We´re the ones who are truly "out of the box"

I started Hit the Road Tours in August of 2012 with my Land Rover, by myself. I very soon discovered what the “formula” was for a successful tour and got to work on growing my reputation.

After 2 years and many many tours, we were listed as the 2nd best tour company in Madeira according to Tripadvisor. My clients were all looking for genuine experiences and to get away from the beaten path.

I tailored every single tour, wasn´t afraid to try something new and different and always made sure to leave my clients better off than when I found them.

The company has since then expanded but the core beliefs remain. We´re a small company with big dreams and big hearts.

Jeff, Owner and Guide.

Our Team

Jeff Owner and Guide

I grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa, in a portuguese family. As a proud Portuguese South African, I came back to Madeira to reconnect with my roots and couln´t be happier than I am now.

I absolutely love my job, my team and my beautiful island.
I´m generally a positive thinker, a hard worker and a big dreamer and in my free time, I love playing the drums.

Lisa Mountain Guide

Lisa is our superstar.

She is officially credited as a mountain guide and is constantly learning and improving her skills. I often joke about how she is the smartest in the group.

Her love for history, fauna and flora and relentless work ethic will eventually make her one of the greatest guides on the island.

She’s also taking her black belt in Karate.

Hugo 4x4 Guide

Hugo is our life-experienced 4×4 guide.

Definitely the funniest of the group, his energy is contagious and his playful outlook on life is a breath of fresh air. Hugo will make you laugh, give you great advice and maybe even make fun of you a little bit. 😉

He’s also an ex footballer and in better shape than most people 20 years younger than him.

Vitor Guide

I very often say Victor is the hardest working person on the team and is a valuable asset to our small company.

He has been with us for a couple of years now, he drives the van, the 4x4s and is now the number 1 guide for the Sunrise Hike.

A true local, a kind soul and a hard worker, you’ll love Victor!

He’s also very dangerous with a paintball gun.

Man look the sunset

Work With Us

Whether you’re looking for a romantic escape or a group getaway, we provide all of the professional and personalized services to cover your needs.



We’re experienced in working with Bloggers, Vloggers, Models, Instagrammers and Film-makers. If you think you have something to offer us, let us know.

Travel Agents

If you’re looking for complete solutions for clients, look no further! We can help you put together the perfect itinerary based on your clients’ needs.

Multi-day Tour Planning

Planning any type of travel can be overwhelming, which is why it’s beneficial to have an experienced professional by your side.

Through this service, you can count on us to guide you in every step of the process helping you plan the perfect vacation in Madeira.


Whatever your needs, we’re here to make things happen. Contact us for a free consultation.

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