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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you pick up from our Hotel/Apartment?

Yes, we pick you up and drop you off at no extra cost from anywhere in Funchal.

Those staying outside of Funchal may incur a pick up fee, this is determined by how much extra driving is needed by our guides.

We only do pick ups on the North side of the island for Private Tours.

Does your price include lunch?

None of our prices include lunch, or drinks.
We do however have deals with local restaurants so that you get the best lunch we can offer on the day, usually with great views, traditional quality food and a variety of choices including vegetarian and vegan meals, on request.

You can expect to pay between 13 and 22 euros each, depending on what you choose, for a 3 course meal with one drink, bread and coffee. We highly recomend it!
For the hikes, you can bring your own snacks and sandwiches or you can buy something on the day.
We won’t let you go hungry.

Is there anything in particular we need to bring with us?

We suggest you dress appropriately, in accordance to the season. It can be very warm in Funchal, however, in the mountains it can get cold/rainy/windy. You will be protected inside the vehicle, but if you would like to get out, you should be prepared. 

The summer months are the only months you can get away with wearing shorts and t shirts for the entire trip. A good windbreaker/jacket will be essential, long trousers and good socks 😉 closed, comfortable shoes will be perfect, all year round.

If you’re on a hike, anything waterproof is great and don’t forget the sunscreen!

Do your island tours include levada walks?

We don´t have “schedules”, for this reason sometimes we go, sometimes we don´t, depending on the group and our judgement. If you do want a short walk, please mention it to the guide on the day….

Is there an opportunity to swim on your tours?

The west 4×4 tour… yes, if it´s warm enough, usually July and August, we have had clients swimming in March!
If you go private, you can swim, whenever you want really…. (if there´s water nearby of course)

Do you pick up outside of Funchal?

We do pick up outside of Funchal, within 30 or 40 minutes distance.

There is sometimes a pick up fee depending how far you are and which tour you´re looking for, this will cost you a maximum of 20 euros extra, no charge for private tours.

We have a meeting area for those travelling into Funchal by rent-a-car, which is easy to find and has free parking.
We do not do pick ups from the North side of the island, unless you´re doing a private tour.

Do you do tours for big groups or families?

Yes, we do, we can take a maximum of 12 people on our island tours (2 Land Rovers) and a maximum of 18 on our nature walks.

Are your tours suitable for babies/children/disabled or elderly?

The minimum age for our shared tours is 5 years.

We have child seats for babies and boosters for toddlers (Private tours only). We have done one tour with a disabled young man from Germany, he could however pull himself up from his chair into the front seat, an athletic young man. Otherwise, I would not recomend it.

With all of the above examples, we suggest strongly on a private tour, for special needs and also for consideration of the other guests…. if any doubt, please ask.

With regards to the elderly, i would only suggest it to those who could get comfortably in and out of the vehicle.

We have done tours with some seasoned individuals, I believe we had somebody in their 90´s once….

Is it possible to “combine the east and west tour”?

The island is bigger than some people think. If we could see the island in one whole day, we would offer full island tours 😉 However, we can customise a route if you have one in mind, on our private tours….

Are your tours “off the beaten track”?

Absolutely all of them!

Should we book in advance or wait until we get there?

You should!
We fill up fast…. If you leave it to the day we might get booked up, there are periods where we can be fully booked for up to 10 days, usually summer time, flower festival, wine festival, March school holidays, Christmas and New years…..

If you have any other questions or feel that these ones have not been well answered….. just ask! 🙂


– Jeff